What is Harvesters?

Harvesters is a faith-based organization that seeks to harvest disciples of Jesus Christ. There are Harvesters branches in various schools across Bergen County, as well as some outside of the county.

What does Harvesters do?

Within each school branch of Harvesters, we meet regularly (usually once a week). As a county-wide organization, we create community within the leaders of respective branches, aiming to create one body in Christ that stretches throughout the county. In doing this, we also organize events such as praise nights, lock-ins, and barbecues. To see upcoming events, click here.

Which schools participate in Harvesters?

Information about the participating schools may be found here.

What is WMOG?

WMOG stands for “Women and Men of God.” It is a unit of five young men and women who have been appointed through prayer for the sake of major decision-making and organizational structure. They coordinate the BCH leaders’ meetings and do additional planning for more efficiency. Their vision is to “tend, love, and lead” the Bergen County Harvesters leaders, and first and foremost, serve the leaders in faith in the best way that they can.

What do leaders do at the Bergen County Harvesters leader meetings?

The meetings are a time for the leaders to become members of the club. It is a time for them to refuel for the next week’s Harvesters club and to come together and build community and love amongst the different schools. The meetings is the most important aspect of this ministry because it is the time when we strengthen our vision and truly become one body in Christ in order to obey God’s will.

How can I get involved?

County-wide events are open to all. No previous involvement required. However, we strongly recommend joining your school’s Harvesters club to become as actively involved as possible. Joining is as simple as letting your school’s Harvesters leader(s) know that you are interested. You can find leaders’ contact information from each school *here*. If your school does not have a Harvesters club, start one! Refer to the next question for help.

My school doesn't have a Harvesters club. How do I start one?

We always encourage new Harvesters clubs in any high school. If you’d like to start one, contact us here for helpful information and prayer support.

Is Harvesters exclusive to a single denomination?

No, we are a non-demoninational organization. Our core belief is that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Apart from that, we do not hold to a specific doctrine or denomination.

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